7 Ways To Answer The Dreaded ‘Are You Going To Have More Kids’ Question

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If a “Most Annoying Questions of All-time” list existed, then this question would definitely be on the list. Most people over the age of 25 hear it at some point in their lives. Practically every casual conversation about life and the future somehow leads to “the question”. And while it’s typically not a harmful inquiry, it can make you feel angry or frustrated.

“Are you going to have (more) kids?”

Does this sound familiar? While some people are just asking an innocent question, others are actually saying:

“You just had baby number 4. You really should call it quits.”

“You are 35 with no kids. You better hop to it before your factory shuts down.”

“All of your kids are the same gender. You need to keep trying until you get it right!”

Everyone from relatives to strangers on the street have a vested interest in your family planning — or so it seems. But, that’s what happens when you are an awesome, interesting person, right? And questions about your kids (or lack thereof) will continue from now until you are retirement age. So, you might as well think of some snappy responses to entertain yourself in the meantime.

Next time someone asks you about having a kid, just say…


1. “I’m not done paying for the ones I have….”



If you are already a parent and people want to know when you are having another baby, just let them know your finances are on lock for the foreseeable future. The expense of raising a child is a legit excuse for putting the brakes on having more kids. Mean? Yes. But, honesty is the best policy (sometimes).

2. “I don’t know. What about you?”



This comeback works best on people who are clearly past their childbearing years. When your husband’s not-so-sweet Grandma asks if you are going to start or expand your family, throw this response her way and wait for the immediate look of shock on her face. But, make sure you keep your poker face on so she will think you are serious.

3. “Yes! And I have my GoFundMe page already set up for all future expenses. Would you like to donate?”



Everyone obviously wants the best for your future children. And, if a man can raise money for potato salad, then surely you can get a few dollars. Even if you don’t want kids or your family is complete, you will either shut someone up or score some cash. It’s a win-win situation.

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