A Month After Announcing Giddy Adoption Plans, Holly Madison Reveals That She’s Pregnant

We’re a little confused in the Mommyish offices this morning. Just last month we learned that Holly Madison, former Girl Next Door and Hugh Hefner Girlfriend #1, was in the process of adopting a child. She told In Touch, ”I love performing in the theater, and you can’t really do that when you’re pregnant,” while explaining that she would be bringing home a child from Africa or South Korea.

Well I guess Holly is putting her performances on hold, because now we learn that the former Playmate is, in fact, pregnant. Three months pregnant! So she was two months pregnant when she gave an interview about looking to adopt. I’m guessing that it just took a while for her to realize she was pregnant, and I can’t imagine the shock once you’ve already started the adoption process. Maybe she’ll have two little ones running around the house soon!

One thing is for sure, both of these news items made me kind of excited for Holly. Yes, I can admit that I used to watch her reality show at the Playboy mansion back in its heyday. And I remember Holly talking about really wanting to settle down and have a family. It was always this cruel running joke that she really wanted to get married and have children, but Hef would never agree to it.

When Holly left, I was excited for her. And now that she’s getting a family, like she often mentioned wanting, I find myself smiling at the thought.

Recently, Holly tweeted a picture of a fortune cookie telling her, “The current year will bring you much happiness.” And it seems to be.

Not to spoil the good vibes and positive mood with talk of pregnancy exploitation, but can’t you already see all the cross-over episodes of reality TV between Kendra Wilkinson and Holly, sharing baby tips and mommy secrets and playdates with the kids. Maybe I’ll even tune back in for the special occasion.

Oh, and as to the original concern that Holly won’t be able to perform while pregnant, we all know that the opportunity will give her a whole new market to tap into. Celebrity pregnancies are lucrative, and Madison seems like the type of lady who will work it well. We wish her the best of luck and look forward to hearing about her cravings, her weight gain concerns, and her thoughts on work life balance.

(Photo: Michael Wright/WENN.com)

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