Holly Madison Should Be Kate Middleton’s New Morning Sickness BFF

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They may be oceans apart but Holly Madison can certainly pull up a hospital bed next to hyperemesis-suffering Kate Middleton. At least, over the Internet. The two expectant and first-time mommies suddenly have a lot more in common than you would think.

Holly, who is seven months with her first child with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, looks to be having a rough go of it in the nausea department. The former Playboy Mansion dweller tweeted an image of herself being hospitalized with an IV in her arm, comfy pajamas and Converse style. She told her followers:

Almost 7 months and morning sickness took hold! Glad to be otherwise ok, tho.

I vote that Kate Middleton and Holly Madison become instagram buddies STAT to help one another though this very difficult, and certainly trying experience. Perhaps some consoling texting and tweeting is in order. Goodness knows that if they’re both going to be holed up in hospitals for days on end as they await their first born, they could probably use someone to talk to. And a sister across the pond who is also failing to keep solid foods down due to pregnancy sounds just about right. You ladies have fun Facebooking one another.

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