Open Thread: Help Me Find Music For My Kid That Won’t Make Me Insane

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mom in car with CDMy daughter is at a tough spot for music. On the one hand, I don’t think there’s a whole lot that’s cute about her singing along to “Rude”, that song about some dudebro seeking a dad’s approval for marriage, nor does she need to listen to GWAR, which is what I like to listen to when she’s not around.

On the other hand, she’s far too old for crap like Raffi and if I have to listen to one more One Direction song I’m probably going to pull my brain out through my nostrils.

There must be some middle ground, right? That’s where all of you come in. Because I’m too lazy to Google stuff or otherwise make any effort to do this myself, I need to know what my seven-year-old daughter and I can listen to in the car without hating one another. Furthermore, because I sometimes like to chill with my two-year-old fake nephew, I’m gonna need some toddler music that isn’t “The Hot Dog Dance” on repeat for the next few years of my life.

When I was a little kid we didn’t listen to much in the car except for this radio show called “Whit’s End” that was from Focus on the Family and “Veggie Tales”, which I’m going to erm, skip this time around.

Come, enable my slothery. Tell me what your kids listen to or what you listened to or what we could potentially listen to that will ensure our car rides don’t end in tears or self-lobotomizing. Or both. I want to make a totally bitchin’ Mommyish playlist for the car.

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