Relative Slow Pokes Bill & Giuliana Debut Duke Edward In Obligatory Tabloid Cover

Giuliana Rancic and Bill‘s long-awaited son, Edward Duke is here — officially — what with the obligatory newborn tabloid cover that must mark every celebrity birth. But I don’t know what took the Rancics so long to debut their bundle at a staggering 11 days old. What could Duke have possibly needed in those 11 days that prevented him from taking his place among the many other tabloid babies? Certainly not little things like being cherish privately among his own family for a week or so? What celebrity family does that anymore?

After all, Snooki had us peering at her baby boy a mere nine days after he was born. Keep up, Rancics! Going in at 11 days is the equivalent of throwing the baby race, much like a certain Kardashian did not too long ago.

Debuting celebrity baby pics is like running a marathon, ladies. Shaving off every second counts! Better luck during the next go around and don’t forget to wipe off the afterbirth before setting up the lighting.


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