Let’s Play Toddler Matchmaker With Owen Wilson And Vince Vaughn’s Kids

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New couple alert! Well, hardly.

Wedding Crashers pals Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have been filming a new comedy together entitled The Internship in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently the plot involves two 40-somethings landing an internship at Google. So, like Wedding Crashers, it sounds like! Only instead of a montage of topless women falling onto a series of mattresses, we can expect a montage of them wearing stereotypical nerdy glasses…? Just a guess.

In addition to filming scenes down south, buddies Wilson and Vaughn hosted a little playdate on set. Behold the utter cuteness in Wilson’s 19-month-old son, Robert Ford, holding hands with Vaughn’s 20-month-old Locklyn.

The convention of romanticizing — and even sexualizing — kid relationships is something we just can’t seem to refrain from (see every postcard ever with two tots in wedding attire, handing a rose to one another, delivering a peck). But this sweet pair emulates their own unique cute factor given who we know their papas to be. With luck, they’ll be playing romantic comedy leads one day and making their daddys’ same signature cinematic expressions — in like 2032.