The Skinny: 10 Utterly Appalling Facts About The Body Image Of A Modern Girl

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While in many ways it’s never been a better time to be a girl in the Western world, that terrain appears deceptively solid. Young girls may be pushing boundaries scholastically, but their self-esteem is collectively in the gutter. Strong test scores and an out pour of undergraduate and graduate female students have in no way compensated the tremendous responsibility girls feel — from a young age — to be pretty, desirable, and sexy. Princess narratives certainly aren’t doing our daughters any favors. But the prioritization of beauty just gets extended well into tween and teen years, what with the usual culprits of fashion magazines, TV programs, and films. A culture that promotes routine salon visits for 7-year-olds isn’t exactly instilling girls with a warm feeling of self-worth either.

But as the documentary Miss Representation outlined not too long ago, round the clock media is at the helm of our daughter’s constant insecurities. Whether we’re talking TIME magazine or Seventeen the tremendous focus on women’s appearance, bodies, and attractiveness as opposed to their accomplishments has our young female population looking at every passing mirror with critical eyes.

To echo this reality loud and clear, Miss Representation compiled the following appalling numbers in partnership with SPARK,, and I Am That Girl. And as a quick disclaimer, these quick facts are enough to keep any parent up at night.