Top 10 Children’s Gifts That’ll Make Parents Hate You For Life

I’m a jerk, guys. A really huge jerk. I’m a monumental jerk and I probably just lost a really great friend. Alright that might be a little dramatic, but if I were her,  I would hate me.

See, I was running a little late to my friend’s son’s birthday party. I still needed to pick up a gift, so I pulled in to Target and practically ran through the parking lot with my daughter in tow. I hate being late. Thankfully, I was prepared. I had asked what my friend’s little boy wanted for his 9th birthday and already knew exactly what I was going to get him.

He recently got into model cars and planes. What an awesome and easy gift to grab! I was mentally thanking this decisive little boy. Then, I realized that Target didn’t carry a single model car or plane. This couldn’t be true! I asked an employee. It was completely true. There went the easy gift.

But my friend had given me a back-up idea. Her adorable little guy also got into “secret agent” spy gear. And what do you know? Target’s toy aisle had a huge selection of amateur spy gear. A grabbed the piece that fit my price range and headed to the cash register. It wasn’t until I hit the front of the store that I realized my gift included a “bionic ear” that would let this guy listen through walls. Seriously, you put a contraption up to the wall, an earbud in your ear, and you can hear the conversations going on in the room next to you.

I should’ve turned around. Right then and there, I should’ve gotten a different gift. But I’m a jerk. And I hate being late. So I gave my friend’s son something that would let him listen in on his parent’s private conversations. (Or worse.) I don’t think she’ll ever invite me to a birthday again. Either that, or she’ll give my daughter one of the following gifts.

(Photo: Toys R Us)


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