Football Player Teens Leave Money For Purchases In Abandoned Store And Restore My Faith In Teenagers

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Football players leave money for purchases EEeeEEEEeeee! Get it? These teens left money in the store and now my faith is re-stored and and… OK fine. I love stories like this because as a mom of a teenager I want to believe the majority of teens are good, honest people well on their way to becoming good, honest, grown up people. All too often we hear stories about teenagers who are monsters so when they act all awesome like this it restores my faith in the youth of today. On their way to football practice, four teens showed up at Buddy’s Small Lots in Wayne, New Jersey and found the store with no sales clerks. They needed batteries and finding what they came for, they left money on the counter and correct sales tax. When the store owner received a phone call that there was a break-in at her store due to a faulty lock mechanism, she viewed the surveillance footage and discovered the teens paying for the items. From NBC New York:

The store’s owners were so surprised by the teens that they started looking for them. They found the four William Patterson High School football players Tuesday.

The teens said they didn’t think they did anything special, and that they left cash on the counter because they had to get back to practice. Kelle Gallimore, who was seen on the cameras waving a dollar bill around before laying it on the store’s counter, said he was surprised by the attention.

The store owners presented the boys with gift certificates for their good deeds. I think it’s pretty remarkable that teenagers would behave this way. It makes me think that their parents obviously did something right in raising them.

(Image: ABC Local)