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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: SUV Causes Crash Into Florida Day Care, Killing And Injuring Children

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97863317As a parent, I try my hardest not to think about worst-case scenarios, even though it is almost impossible to do. It is very unlikely that a meteor is going to fall from the sky and kill my family. It is very unlikely that my child is going to choke on a piece of his blanket while he sleeps.

But stories like this never fail to send me into a tailspin. A parent’s worst nightmare has literally come true after an SUV caused a crash into a crowded Florida day care at around 3 PM on Wednesday. The accident began when a Dodge Durango rear-ended a second car, pushing the vehicle directly into a day care center. 14 children were injured, and a four-year-old girl was killed from injuries sustained in the accident.

The driver of the vehicle that caused the accident is still at large:

A manhunt is underway for the man who crashed a Dodge SUV into a second car, forcing the vehicle into a packed Florida day care center, killing one child and injuring at least 11 other children, officials say.

Robert Corchado, 26, who has at least eight arrests since 2000, fled the scene after the 3:11 p.m. Wednesday crash on a busy Winter Park road. The silver Dodge Durango was found parked in a driveway some 1.5 miles away — but Corchado was nowhere to be found.

This whole scenario truly makes me sick. I know here on Mommyish we talk constantly about how difficult it is to make the decision of whether or not to send our kids to day care. No mother takes it lightly. Every mother feels some kind of pang or separation anxiety when she sends her kids to day care for the first time, entrusting them into the care of another.

Of course, this was in no way the day care’s fault. It is just tragic to hear about a parent who is just like us—who sent her daughter off to a normal day of day care, where she was killed in a tragic, freak accident.

A nearby worker who witnessed the accident described it as:

“It was just kids on the ground and there was teachers giving CPR. It was horrible. I’ve never seen nothing like that before and I hope I never have to see something like that again.”

I feel for the day care workers. I feel for the kids who witnessed such a scary accident on a regular day of day care. I especially feel for the parents of the young child who was killed in the crash. As parents, I know we can’t live in fear of every unfortunate possibility, but stories like this never help.

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