My Kid Is Better Off In Daycare Than At Home With Me

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shutterstock_159197900__1403630176_142.196.167.223I’ve never had an objection to daycare. I had an objection to the cost of it when I was living in NYC, but I never thought it was a bad parenting move or anything. I will admit though, once you get used to having your children around, it’s a little harder to cut the cord and get them into daycare. Once I moved somewhere daycare was affordable, it still took me a year to commit to one. I hate to admit it, but it was simply because I wasn’t ready to let go of all that time with my child.

I know what you’re thinking – Oh God. Give me a break. One of those moms who would rather be around her children than anywhere else. Nope! That’s not true at all. I mean, I love my children, but I really, really love having time to myself, too. It’s just that when you get used to the craziness involved in working full time and taking care of your kid, you forget that there is a way out of the craziness. For me, daycare is an awesome way out; it brings me sanity, eases my mom guilt and allows my kid to make some friends.

My child started daycare when he was about three-and-a-half. Knowing what I know now about how much he loves it, I’m probably going to put my daughter in a year early. It’s not a full time situation, it’s 12 hours a week. That’s a four hour block, three times a week when I don’t have to worry about my kid or wonder if he is bored. It’s awesome. He comes home with crafts and is ready for a nap. Win, win.

We ran a crazy post last week filled with a bunch of parents complaining about how horrible daycare is. I didn’t even know hating daycare was a thing. I think for most families, if you are on the fence about daycare it’s probably for financial reasons – or for the reason that a parent is home to care for the child. But if you work from home, or share childcare responsibilities with your partner, daycare provides an incredible break – and one that your child will probably love.

Some days it’s really hard to be the parent that takes your kid to the park and colors with him for an hour. When I’m exhausted, I feel like daycare kind of gives me a little bit of a pass. I know he’s already spent an hour on a playground. I know he’s been social. I know he’s interacted with kids his age. If you are a parent who is struggling with the idea of sending your child to daycare because you feel like you’re home and should be watching him anyway – give yourself a break. If you can afford it and you find the right one – your child will probably be much happier hanging out with friends and doing art projects, don’t you think?

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