Parenting Trends In 2019 Will Be All About ‘The Modern Family’

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Parenting is constantly changing and evolving. What worked for our parents might not work for us. Shoot, what worked for our first baby probably didn’t work for our second or third! It seems to change day-to-day as our kids change, and as our parenting philosophy evolves. But there is no denying that we are becoming more modern as technology advances and changes the way we do things. The parenting trends for 2019 are all about the modern family, both in terms of how we parent and what our kids have access to. But there are also some sweet trends on the horizon for babies and kiddos.

Parenting trends when it comes to pregnancy and babies are big on tech and whimsy.

Pumping is the worst, especially when you have to be chained to a machine with a bunch of wires for hours a day. Free yourself with a wireless breast pump in 2019 (searches for wireless breast pumps are up 114% on Pinterest). Parents are also always on the search for more sleep, so it’s no wonder people are scouring Pinterest for smart bassinets! These bad boys are auto-rocking and white-noise-playing, helping baby get to sleep and letting mom and dad catch up on their own zzzz’s.

Nursery decor is getting whimsically natural in the New Year. Parents are searching for ideas for rustic nursery touches, to give their baby’s space a natural and inviting touch. While name art was all the rage for a while, it looks like parents in 2019 are opting for more statistical wall art: searches for birth stat signs are up 315%! And parties are getting a touch of whimsy in 2019! Enchanted forest party ideas are all over the inspiration site, so dust off those fairy wings.

Parenting trends for bigger kiddos are looking amazing in 2019.

Turn a regular ol’ birthday party into an adventure by throwing a birthday scavenger hunt! This will get kiddos moving and help them burn off all the sugar they’ve had. When it comes to gifts, parents are leaning toward sustainable options. Searches for toy sharing subscriptions on Pinterest are up 313%, and we are all about that idea! When it comes to reading, more parents are looking for audiobook options for their kids. Replacing screen time with audio storytellers is a great way to make sure they’re reading and not watching too much YouTube.

When it comes to room decor for growing kiddos, parents are looking for bold options that save space! Geometric patterns and shapes as decor are a great option for kids to grow into their room from toddlerhood to tweenville. And beds can fun, if the newest parenting trends are any indication. Parents are searching Pinterest for house frame floor beds for kiddos transitioning from the crib to a big kid bed.

Which of these parenting trends are you most looking forward to in 2019?