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These Gruesome Photos Will Make You Rethink Eyelash Extensions

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For those of us who want full, thick eyelashes, but do not have them naturally, eyelash extensions are a pretty cool thing. They give people the lashes of a Kardashian. They’re more natural looking than mascara, they last a long time, and you don’t have to constantly redo them like with traditional false eyelashes. They seem easy as pie, so it’s easy to forget that a person is actually applying very strong glue very close to your eye. That’s why it’s important to always go to a good professional. Don’t cheap out on lashes or Lasik. Basically, never screw around when it comes to your eyes.

Now one salon owner has posted photos of botched eyelash extensions, and they’re making mascara look better than ever.

According to the Daily Mail, the owner of a beauty salon in Australia was so horrified by her customer’s eyelash extensions that she posted them online as a warning about what can happen if you don’t go to a good professional.

Emma Dhanjal, the owner of Emmaculate Beauty in Perth, said the customer came in to get eyelash extensions. The woman had a set of extensions on already, and they’d been so badly applied that the woman’s natural lashes were just falling off. The woman’s eyelids were inflamed and infected.

This is the set the woman came in with, which she wanted removed and reapplied before her birthday.

eyelash extensions

(Image: Facebook / Emmaculate Beauty)

The photos look so uncomfortable, it’s astonishing.

The eyelash extensions came off in clumps as soon as Dhanjal touched them.

eyelash extensions

(Image: Facebook / Emmaculate Beauty)

The woman had almost no real eyelashes left when the extensions fell off.

(Image: Facebook / Emmaculate Beauty)

The woman also had inflamed, infected eyelids and needed to go to a doctor for treatment. Dhanjal says she’s not sure if the woman’s eyelashes will grow back the way they were.

Dhanjal applies eyelash extensions herself, so she’s not suggesting people avoid extensions. She’s posting this as a warning to take care when selecting a place to get eyelash extensions.

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research. This poor girl has been left with extremely damaged natural lashes,” she wrote on Facebook.

A lot of people might just take the Groupon and assume it’s all the same, but clearly it’s not. This poor woman wound up with an eye infection, and basically no eyelashes at all right before her birthday. There are people out there whom you wouldn’t trust to sew a button, but they’re attempting to glue eyelash extensions onto people’s faces.

A lot of people love eyelash extensions. My sister swears by them. But if you’re going to get them, make sure to go someplace good.

Have you ever gotten eyelash extensions? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Facebook / Emmaculate Beauty)