Evening Feeding: Very Preterm Kindergartners Face Learning Trouble

Kindergartners who were born extremely prematurely are much more likely to have learning problems than their peers who were born at term (Reuters)

Bristol Palin bar fight: “You’re a homosexual, I can tell you are” (Gawker)

Arnold Schwarzenegger to release memoir about marriage to Maria Shriver (NY Daily News)

No matter how unqualifed you are for office, if you run for President or Vice President on the GOP ticket and make a splash, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to cable glory and scads of money (DoubleX)

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Angelina Jolie flies Maddox around London (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Kendra Wilkinson says that having sex everywhere got her pregnant (Holly Baby)

Rachel Zoe‘s new assistant talks nursery design (Parents.com)

Are you a good listener? (YourTango)

All My Children is dunzo (The Frisky)

Laundry basics (The Hairpin)

Balance Bar’s new Nimble is a cleverly contrived promise of energy, anti-aging antioxidants and indulgence (Truth In Aging)

The first anti-wrinkle pill (YouBeauty)

How smoking hurts your sex life (HuffPo Women)

13 unusual yet delicious food pairings (Babble)

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