20 Essential Products New Moms Need Their First Day Home

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Babies need a TON of stuff. But so do moms! Especially new moms, and especially on their first day home with baby. That first day home is a whirlwind of emotions and activity, and mom is going to need comfort and ease. To make the transition home as easy as possible, here are 2o essential products new moms need to have on-hand the day they come home. They’re not going to make the day any less emotionally draining, but they may help make your day as easy as it can be.

1. Topping the list of products new moms need: Dermoplast

products new moms need

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Nothing soothes the fire down below following a vaginal birth quite like Dermoplast. Ask any mom who’s had to use it, and she will sing it’s praises for as long as she lives. Stock up and keep some in all the bathrooms of the house.

Want it? Get it on Amazon.

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