Evening Feeding: Encouraging Your Daughters To Know And Love Engineering

Goldieblox inventor and engineer Debbie Sterling explains what engineering really is and why your daughters would love it.  (The Hairpin)

Gift idea site helps men figure out your ideal gift.  (The Stir)

Gavin Rossdale has a daddy day with his two sons.  (Celeb Baby Laundry).

In praise of Homeland’s bi-polar CIA agent and her feminine instincts.  (DoubleX)

Collagen injections for your G-spot.  (The Frisky)

Spot the tell-tale signs you are headed for a divorce before it’s too late.  (Your Tango)

Will plastic surgery change your life or just your looks?  (YouBeauty)

A promise between friends.  (HuffPo Women)

Holly Madison announces her baby’s gender by accident.  (Parents.com)

Top reasons why parents get to the polls to vote.  (Babble)

(photo:  auremar / Shutterstock)

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