Video: Rapping Dad Pulls A Jay-Z In Delivery Room

Maybe Jay-Z is onto something. He wrote the track, called ”Glory” and featuring B.I.C. (Blue Ivy Carter), about his newborn daughter with Beyonce. This Air Force dad, stationed in Aviano, Italy, was inspired by the fetal heart monitor to do a bit of freestyling of his own:


OK, clearly our young father is not exactly giving Jay-Z a run for his money, but I have to admit my favorite lyric is “mirror …. TRASH CAN.” I laughed at how well the father riffed off of the fetal monitor even if his rhymes could use a bit of improvement. Also, notice how well the woman handles her husband’s antics, only batting away the shaky videocam after he’s gone on and on. This is clearly their fifth child. No first-time mother or father would be so calm and cool in the delivery room. Charles and LaQuita McDaniel welcomed Kingston Josiah shortly thereafter.

Anyway, I think that this should be a new thing. A way to excise some nerves and get people psyched for getting that baby out. Freestyle Rapping Father Competitions. Jay-Z should start sponsoring some battles.

Image via Thinkstock.

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