Elton John’s Baby Drinks Imported Breast Milk From Surrogate Mom

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Elton John feeds his 4-month-old son Zachary pumped breast milk with a bottle. That’s right, the British superstar and his partner David Furnish revealed to Barbara Walters during a recent interview that little Zach’s biological mother sends a daily dose of liquid gold to the family via FedEx. (Talk about a special delivery!)

It’s pretty cool that this little guy is getting his mother’s milk but, uh, does anyone else find the whole thing weird? There’s just something cow-like about it — this poor woman sitting  alone in her house pumping milk and then rushing to the FedEx office by end of business day. But, hey, she’s willing to do it and clearly it’s good for the baby, so we’re not judging (unless, of course, Elton is donning some kind of man-boob contraption — then we’re judging).

We are dying to know what Ms. Surrogate is getting paid, though. C’mon, you were wondering the same thing…