8 Ways To Properly Acknowledge Your Kid’s December Birthday

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My birthday is in a week. Having had a December birthday for almost 33 years, I can tell you- it’s easy for it to suck. The reason it rarely bothered me as a kid rests squarely on the shoulders of my wonderful parents who always made a point of making a big deal out of my birthday. Besides winter weather-related cancellations, I always had a party. My mom and dad treated it exactly the same as my brothers’ summer birthdays and I never felt anything lacking. No matter how busy they were and no matter how tight the budget due to the many financial foibles this time of year brings, my birthday never felt like a burden or an afterthought. As an adult, it doesn’t bother me much but as a kid, it can kind of stink having the two most exciting days of your year happen in the same month. That is, unless the adults in your life take certain measures to make it special:

1. No snowman wrapping paper for birthday presents, please.

cat wrapped

Sure, it is easily available but don’t go there. It’s their birthday, not an extension of Christmas.

2. Put up the tree after their birthday if you can.

Elf tree

My mom always made a point of doing this but my birthday is mid-month. Of course, this won’t be feasible if your child’s birthday is too late in the month or even after Christmas, but it did make me feel special that we did my birthday first.

3. Don’t combine gifts for birthday-Christmas gifts.

haha no

Naturally, it would be easy to buy “one big gift” but take it from a December girl- in a First World Problems kind of way, it does truly suck getting all of your gifts for the year in a two-week span. As an adult it’s not a big deal but as a kid, it is kind of a bummer.

4. Have a party if they want one.

cray birthday kid

Your December weekends might be a mess of work parties and family obligations of one kind or another but if you throw parties for your other kids, try to do one for your December kid too. My mom did them for me and even though I’m sure it was tough to squeeze in, it made me feel special as a kid.

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