David Beckham’s Romeo Does Oh So Darling Daddy Homage With A Fake Tattoo

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David BeckhamThese Beckhams really do keep it all in the family. So much so that even when 10-year-old Romeo Beckham picked out his fake tattoo for the day — as many children do — he opted for the one just like Daddy’s.

The little boy was photographed not only wearing a semblance of his father’s ink, but a very special tattoo at that. Last July, after the much talked about Harper Seven Beckham was born, David got his daughter’s name inscribed just below his neck. And in a very sweet homage to not only his daddy, but also some daddy daughter love, Romeo got the very same “Harper” tattoo right below his little neck. The simulatenous Daddy admiration and mirroring something as sweet as his father’s devotion to his sister makes me giddy.

Given last weekend’s 11-year-old DIY tattoo, I didn’t think it would be possible for tattoos and children to ever be an endearing mix. But let it be known that when there’s no permanence behind those little symbols for minors, the gesture can be utterly heartwarming. So in that case, I say he can plaster his whole chest with a family portrait.

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