Horrible People Who Lied About Their Kid For Insurance Fraud Are Also, Unsurprisingly, Terrible Liars

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couplePeople try to cheat the system sometimes, because some people are terrible. Some of them even try to make a living out of doing it, and those people are extra terrible. But when you lie about your child’s health to get money from your insurance company, now you are dancing with demons, my friend.

Jeremy Jones, a former British soldier, and his wife Sally Anne, have been sentenced to a year in prison for fraud after bilking their insurance company out of 70,000 pounds (that’s over $100,000 in U.S. dollars.) And they did this by claiming that their young son had been blinded in one eye after an accident. (Spoiler alert: Not blind.)

According to The Telegraph, in 2010 their son fell off of his bike and the Jones took him to the hospital with minor head injuries. Like any good parent, when they brought their son home they asked themselves, “How can we use this to our advantage?” So they contacted their insurance company, AIG, and said that when their son fell off his bike he sustained major head injuries and his optic nerve was severed, leaving him permanently blind in one eye. They also forged a letter from a real ophthalmologist saying that their son’s blindness was untreatable, and sent it to AIG as proof. Two months later, AIG gave them 70,000 pounds to help them care for their son. They gratefully spent it on a Mitsubishi Lancer.

They managed to get away with it over the next two years, despite repeatedly missing scheduled doctor’s appointment for their son. They did attend one appointment, thinking, I guess, that blindness would be hard to diagnose, and were told by the specialist that their son could see. In both eyes.

Huh. That’s awkward.

Somehow, however, nothing ever came of this. I suppose everyone must have chalked it up to a miracle from the baby Jesus and gone on their way, because it wasn’t until the Jones made another attempt at insurance fraud that AIG became suspicious and started an investigation.

Another attempt? Heck, yeah. Saying that their son was blind went so well that less than two years later they asked AIG for 35,000 pounds, claiming that their car (their fancy new car, thanks not-blind son) backfired in their garage and left Sally Anne deaf in one ear.

The folks at AIG must have been concerned for this family’s welfare, and decided that they had to intervene before Jeremy Jones lost a nostril while water-skiing.

In addition to the one-year sentence for fraud, the couple was also sentenced to six months for forging medical documents. Those sentences will run concurrently. In addition, all money has been repaid to the insurance company from the Jones’ assets.

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