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Condom Company’s New App Helps Parents Sneak in More Sexy Time

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(YouTube/Four Seasons Condoms)

Raise your hand if you’re a parent who longs for the days of uninterrupted sex. Okay, I can’t actually see you from here, but my guess is if you’re still reading this, the previous statement applies to you. I get it. Really, I do. I’m a mom myself, and I gotta say, this next invention sounds like pure genius. It’s called the Extendables App, and it’s got the potential to make you and your partner pretty damn happy.

Created by Australian condom company Four Seasons, the app is basically a kid’s TV show (akin to the Muppets) that streams on your smart TV or laptop. But it’s got a little secret. The show also connects to your smart phone and, complete with a motion sensor, can send an alert to your phone if your kids sneak away from the show and (possibly) toward your bedroom. That means you’ll have at least a few additional seconds or minutes to get yourselves in a, ahem, less compromising position by the time they bust through the door.

Not only that, but you can actually “extend” the cartoon longer if you need more time. You know. To do your taxes or whathaveyou. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?


I haven’t tried the app myself (yet) but I think I might give it a test run soon. I’m pretty sure it’ll send some false alerts though, since my toddler likes to run around while watching TV. Still, worth a shot.