6 Family Celebrity Halloween Costumes That I’m Looking To For Costume Inspiration

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celebrity Halloween costumeMy children are still too young to really care about Halloween, which is good for me since I hate the holiday.  I love autumn, pumpkins, apples, and candy but it’s the costumes that make me loathe that last day of October.  I’m not morally opposed to the tradition of dressing up. I’m just so incredibly uncreative, un-crafty and unoriginal that I never have a good costume.  In my entire life I’ve dressed up as something other than a witch maybe four times.  The black suits the mourning of having to celebrate Halloween day.

So far my 3-year-old old son isn’t interested either.  The day before Halloween last year he insisted he wanted to be a dinosaur, not the hamburger costume I bought him weeks before (which was intended to perfectly complement the infant size Strawberry bunting I bought my baby girl).   At 8pm on October 30th, I ran out to Ricky’s and found him something in his size (ish).  The next day, he refused to wear it even though it was exactly what he asked for.  It didn’t bother him one bit that all the other kids were fully decked out in lavish costumes.  He was content to stare at them in his Gap t-shirt.  This year when I asked him what he wanted to be he told me “the same thing I was last year:  a spider,” (um, that never happened.  Also, does that mean I don’t have to buy him any costume this year and he’ll just have this fictitious memory that he was a spider again?)

Since my daughter may one day feel differently (perhaps my son will change his mind too) I know I need some better tools in the costume idea toolbox.  That’s why I’ve been perusing celebrity Halloween costumes and taking notes on their family-friendly choices of years past.  Katherine Heigl is kind of meh, while Naomi Watts appears to be hiding epic disdain for the holiday behind a puffy yellow afro (probably because one of her kids refused to dress up at all).   Jason Priestley wins the over-the-top award while Jada Pinkett-Smith is a little too on the nose with her Supermom (could the “S” stand for sanctimommy?).


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