Casey Anthony Is Being Bombarded By Frivolous Lawsuits And That Seems Fair

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casey anthonyListen, the Casey Anthony trial put the entire country through the emotional ringer. We all felt a little less human after that mess was concluded. I mean, sure, Nancy Grace probably should share a little of the blame for the media firestorm. I’m just saying, there was no justice to be found from the devastatingly tragic murder trial of little Caylee Anthony.

Now, it looks like one woman has taken it upon herself to make Casey Anthony pay in whatever way possible. Don’t worry, she isn’t going for vigilante justice. She’s just using our legal system against the famous murder suspect by filing a frivolous and possibly unhinged lawsuit against Anthony. Normally I’m not a fan of people making ridiculous claims and wasting everyone’s time, but in this case, I’m having a hard time getting angry about it.

One Pennsylvania woman, Naomi Riches, is suing Anthony for $3 billion for emotional distress. At first I thought, “The whole world would like to do that. She hurt all of us.” Then, I realized that Riches had concocted a story about Casey Anthony and Nancy Grace working with the Illuminati on a secret mission that involved threatening this woman’s life. The claims say this:

“Casey Anthony and Nancy Grace are working in cahoots with one another to fill the media with propaganda so that American Citizens believe there is Justice in this country … Casey Anthony called my house August 2011 and told me that my life was being exploited and that I was a hated nation wife, she told me she would come to my house in Fort Collins, Colorado and kill me just as they did Peggy Hettrick in 1987.”

We know they’re fake because they assert that Casey Anthony made us believe in justice, which is completely and totally false.

Turns out, Riches is not the only woman trying to bury Anthony in legal debt. Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Anthony in relation to the murder trial of little Caylee, as well. Gonzalez was dragged into the trial herself when Anthony claimed that a nanny of the same name abducted the child. Gonzalez’s name was then picked up by the press and she was subjected to the media’s harassment and scrutiny. She might have a legitimate reason to expect some repayment from Anthony after the damage her trial did.

One of these lawsuits stems from a troubled woman who made a national figure of contempt the outlet for her delusion. The other definitely has more meat on its bones, although it’s hard to tell how much Gonzalez will actually be able to get from Anthony for her trouble. Casey’s legal team has been working to get the charges dismissed.

Under normal circumstances, I would feel sorry for the person who was the subject of all this attention and legal drama. Under normal circumstances, I would be frustrated with our justice system for allowing an obviously baseless claim to waste anyone’s time or resources. In this particular case, I’m just kind of okay with it. It’s not justice, but then, who believes in that lately?

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