Britney Spears Is So Not Crying All The Way To The Sperm Bank

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Britney Spears Jason TrawickWhat is it with the tabloid narratives of women? If they’re not concocting random miscarriage porn for Jessica Simpson, then famous ladies are engaging in a “baby weight battle!” with their ex-husbands new wives. But this new assertion by OK! that Britney Spears is crying her way to the sperm bank is right up among the best lady fictions.

Gossip Cop reports that OK! spun a little diddy in the wake of Britney Spears’s breakup with fiance Jason Trawick. Now that the mother of two lost her potential role of wife, she has to “fill a void.” And what else could she possibly do that with — but a new baby! These ladies with their wedding pheromone-addled brains see only babies:

“She’s a very lonely person and now with Jason gone she’s even more lost,” noting, “In her mind a baby would fix all that, it would give her something to love and focus on.”

Gossip Cop confirms that this completely made up story, in which Brit Brit is hitting up ex Kevin Federline for sperm, has “no merit.” Not to mention that the suggestion of simply swapping one uterine longing for another is deeply derogatory. And don’t forget laugh out loud funny.

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