Body Builder Fat-Shames Woman at the Gym, Surprised Everyone Hates Her Now

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Half-famous Instagram body builder Diana Andrews must have been asleep last year when Playboy model Dani Mathers took a photo of a nude, 70-something woman in her gym locker room and posting it to Snapchat to make fun of her body. Mathers was raked across the coals by her own followers and society at large. She was fired from one of her radio hosting jobs, banned from LA Fitness, and even charged with invasion of privacy, for which she faced up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. That should have been a cautionary tale for anybody thinking about being an asshole on the Internet, but Andrews just did the same sort of thing.

False eyelash aficionado and body builder Diana Andrews was working out at the gym when she saw another woman working out on the treadmill. Rather than concentrate on her own exercises, she decided to take a picture of the woman from behind, write “Love handles” in big purple letters, and then post it to her Instagram Stories.

Then she followed that photo up with another slide that said, “I bet she’s ordering (burger emojis) for delivery.”

Andrews was somehow surprised when her 17,000 Instagram followers did not think her joke was funny at all. She was roundly condemned by her followers for fat-shaming and judging a woman, especially a woman who was actively working out while Andrews decided to mock her.

As is par for the course when people do something shitty for attention and then don’t get the kind of attention they want, Andrews issued a pretty weak apology.

“Im writing to express my sincere apologies for my actions. I realized that i was wrong to make this silly joke. It wasn’t my intention to body shame, hurt or disrespect anyone. Thank you guys for all your messages and continued support. #Big(heart emoji)”

Calling this a “silly joke” makes it sound like it was harmless fun and everyone else just didn’t appreciate her quirky sense of humor. Saying it wasn’t her intention to body shame or disrespect anyone sounds like if you told the police, “Holding a lit match by a pile of oil-soaked rags was a silly joke. It was never my intention to start a fire.”

Later, Andrews appears to have decided she had a different story to tell, and she went on Facebook to say that she wasn’t mocking the woman’s body at all. Now Andrews says she was actually mocking her for using her cell phone while she was on the treadmill.

“The whole point of that video was that she was using her phone on the treadmill,” Andrews said in her second statement. “The whole story was turned upside down by taking a screenshot and adding comments that I’m body shaming this woman. I would never do this it’s not who I am.”

Does she think we will believe that she wrote “Love handles” on the woman’s picture because she was using her phone? The only comment she made about the phone was that she was using it to order burgers. Also, Andrews was using her own phone to post the woman’s photos to Instagram at the time. Andrews’ new excuse is unbelievable. Nobody seemed to buy her clearly false story. Andrews has since made her social media accounts private.