Beyonce Gives Birth To A Baby Girl!

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Beyonce Jay Z pregnantThe long-awaited arrival has come. Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed a baby girl into their family on Saturday, January 7th. Details are still being debated, like the name of this soon-to-be icon. Gossip sites like TMZ and Hollywood Gossip have said that the name is Ivy Blue Carter, while MSNBC and E! News have claimed that it’s actually Blue Ivy Carter. Either way, the couple had a healthy baby and that’s what is important.

Congratulations have started rolling in on Twitter, where “Ivy Blue” is already trending. Rihanna let her love be known with this tweet,  “Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih.” And whatever the name of this little girl turns out to be, I think Rihanna gave us the most apt moniker, because “Princess Carter” is sure to sum up the excitement surrounding this little girl.

There’s no doubt that this soon-to-be mogul is destined for greatness. Even in utero her popularity trumped earthquakes, the World Cup and the Royal Wedding. I think we’re all just excited to see what this new trio will show us in 2012.

We already have a few suggestions of baby gifts for the girl who is sure to have everything, just in case you’re wondering what to send the happy new family. Personally, I think I’m going to wish that the new family gets a little space and privacy to bond with their new precious bundle of joy.

From the staff of Mommyish (and parenting writers everywhere who can’t wait to hear B’s thoughts of labor, breastfeeding and the terrible two’s) we would just like to say Congratulations! And welcome to the world, Princess Carter!