Woman’s Best Friend Steals Her Baby Names, And It Didn’t End Well

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We usually put a lot of thought into the names of our kids. Many hours looking over name lists and talking about the pros and cons of a name. So, when we finally pick one, it’s a triumph. Because that means the hard part is over. And we can feel good about the names we’re choosing. Names are for life, so they need to be good. But what happens if a friend knowingly uses the same name (or names?) One woman’s post on Reddit asks just that. After finding out that her best friend has given her child the same name as her children, she expresses concern.

Well, this is certainly a unique situation. Because this friend didn’t just use names that are similar. No, she is using the same exact names. As the woman, who chooses to be anonymous, explains.

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“As title implies, one of my very best friends named her daughter two of my children’s names. She named her daughter Nix Ryan. My son’s first name is Nix and my daughter’s middle name is Ryan,” she writes.

Maybe it’s just an odd coincidence? Any other person, maybe. The woman goes on to explain that this is one of her best friends. Not only are they best friends, but the friend was present when the kids were born. So there’s no way she doesn’t know. Sure, it would be one thing if the name was something like  Jessica. A name that is fairly common would be weird, but understandable. But a name like Nix? That’s definitely a little too similar.

And the thing is, the woman isn’t mad — she finds the situation confusing. Because the friend claiming to not realize the names are the same.

“When I said “Oh wow, our kids share names.” She said “I didn’t even realize when I picked it, and later was like OMG,” she explains.

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But her friend has items with the baby’s name on them, this was planned. We all know these things take time to ship, so there is some planning going on here.

Initially planning to keep her confusion to herself, she changed her mind. That’s where she says things were horribly wrong.

“She said that after everything we have been through she couldn’t believe I was ending our friendship over a name. Wait, what? I never said that,” she explains.

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Remember, she isn’t expecting an apology. And she wasn’t looking to end the friendship. But she was asking to gain understanding. Needless to say, her friend was feeling some type of way, trying to make her out to be the bad guy.

“Spoiler Alert: We will no longer be friends at this point because frankly this may be the weirdest shit that as happened in my adult life,” she writes. She then writes that the friend was turning the tables on her. Instead of just acknowledging the weirdness of the whole situation.

The responses were varying between agreeing with the woman and calling her uptight. If your best friend ended up using your kid’s names, would you be as understanding? Or would you feel upset?