Baby Yoda Gifts You Can Get In Time For Christmas

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You may have heard that the official Baby Yoda figurines and plush dolls will be dropping on soon — but that they will not be making it home in time for Christmas. In fact, they probably won’t be here for months! Bummer. Apparently it has something to do with how the makers of The Mandalorian wanted to keep the meme-able icon a secret as long as possible and therefore, designs would’ve had to have been sent out months ago — risking a leak.

Luckily, there are artists and creators everywhere who are completely obsessed with Baby Yoda and you don’t need to wait until ShopDisney and FunkoPop ship out the official merchandise. These creations may be even better than what the official stores have in the works — and you’ll be supporting local artists on Etsy. It’s perfect for Christmas.

Oh and P.S. — we would never recommend something we weren’t obsessed with, but we may receive some extra cash if you buy these Baby Yoda gifts from our links.

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