We Should All Be As Happy As This Baby Tasting Bacon for the First Time

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baconbabyI envy babies so many of the experiences in front of them. I have seen Star Wars and read every book written by Terry Pratchett, and while I can do those things again any time I want, I can never again do those things for the first time. My one-year-old, however, still has all those experiences in front of her, and that’s pretty exciting. I look forward to seeing her experience so many firsts, and I hope she enjoys them half as much as this baby is enjoying tasting bacon for the first time.

This video was filmed by California mom Melissa Beach, who is wise enough to know when a milestone video is coming. I missed my kid’s first steps and first word, but Beach was all set up to capture her son Easton’s reaction when he first tasted  the food of the Gods bacon, and it’s safe to say that Easton enjoyed it, because I think this is the purest expression of joy that I’ve ever seen. With his eyes closed and grease glinting off his little baby chin, little Easton looks like me when … well, OK, whenever I eat bacon.


This adorable kid has discovered bacon, and his life will never be the same again. His eyes close and his head rolls back and he groans, “BACOONNNNN!” OK, it sounds more like “Badaad,” but we know what he means.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and I hope that we all spend 2016 feeling half as joyful and fulfilled as this toddler eating bacon for the first time.