This 6-Year-Old Had The Perfect Response to the Jerk Who Shamed His Mom for Pumping Milk in Her Car

shocked-old-ladyI’m starting to think the world will only be happy if we are all stay-at-home mothers who also have full-time jobs and breastfeed exclusively, but never in public. Basically, we need to live in little sheds while we raise our children and make piles of money, which is actually sounding pretty great right now, but that shed had best not be your car, because one woman just got chewed out by strangers for daring to express some milk from her own back seat.

According to the Fraser Coast Chronicle, Telaine Smith was in the back seat of her car, which has tinted windows and was parked in a relatively isolated corner of a local parking lot, when she was expressing milk for her five-month-old baby. Smith’s baby is tongue-tied and has trouble breastfeeding, so she has to express milk every two to three hours so she can feed him and keep her supply going. Pumping exclusively sounds like a ton of work, and because Smith, like all of us, has places to go and things to do, sometimes she is not at home when she needs to pump. But pumping in the back seat of her own car is pretty darn reasonable.

While Smith was in her car pumping milk for her baby, a man and a woman passed by. Smith says the man just kept going, but the woman decided that it was unconscionable for a young mother to be pumping milk in the back seat of a car, so this stalwart defender of class and decorum walked over, rapped on the window, and told her to “put her fucking tits away.”

“I was a bit shocked,” Smith said.

Smith’s older child was having none of it, though. He looked right at the woman and said, “If you don’t like it, don’t look.”

Good for that kid for standing up for his mom and telling the busybodies to mind their own business. That’s a lesson a lot of adults need to learn

“If you don’t like it, don’t look” is a good response to a lot of meddling busybodies. Don’t like someone wearing leggings as pants? Don’t look. Don’t like public breastfeeding? Don’t look. Don’t like it when women go outdoors without setting their hair in pin curls and putting on their lipstick and pantyhose? Don’t look, grandpa.

(Photo: Diane Diederich/iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

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