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10 Of The Purest Emotions You Will Ever See On A Baby’s Face

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shutterstock_147723260The thing that I love about babies is that they are so GD honest. If a baby is mad because he is teething, you will certainly know about it. ALL DAY LONG—as he glares into your eyes and tries to scratch your face with his tiny baby hands so that you can feel his pain. Clearly, I am speaking from experience.

On the other side of the coin, happy babies are one of the most wonderful things on earth. It’s no wonder that people have baby fever and coo and ooh and ahh whenever they see a giggly baby being pushed in a stroller down the street. Happy babies and puppies and rainbows are what memories are made of.

Baby fear is another category altogether. I never try to purposely scare my kids because I don’t want to damage their fragile psyches. But I did turn on the vacuum cleaner recently and watched my 10 month old freak the fuck out and quickly fear crawl away from me. I hope I didn’t scar him for life and deter him from vacuuming in the future.

Babies live in a glass house of emotions. Watching a baby experience the world is exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. Here are 10 of the purest emotions you’ll ever see on a tiny human’s face:

1. CONFLICTED Baby Is Upset But Doesn’t Really Want To Commit.

2. INTRIGUED Baby Wants To Know More.

3. SURPRISED Baby Will Never Trust Again.

4. TERRIFIED Baby Just Can’t Even With The Fireworks.

5. INNOCENT Baby Is Totally Screwed By Her Parents.

6. OVERWHELMED Baby Just Can’t Get It Together.

7. SAD Baby Can’t Catch A Break.

8. DISGUSTED Baby Hates Your Cooking.

9. EXHAUSTED Baby Can’t Resist Sweet, Sweet Sleep.

10. HAPPY Baby Makes God Smile Upon You.

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