Amanda Knox Catches Flight To London On Her Way Home To US

Less than two hours after Amanda Knox was acquitted of murder, the 24 year old exited in the prison outside Perugia. The young American was escorted by police to Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome where she met up with her family at the terminal.

Knox is filmed boarding a flight to London from which she will catch a connecting plane back to the United States. The freed American was all smiles as she handed over her passport and boarded an escalator, looking a bit worse for wear but much lighter in the face since the announcement of the court’s verdict.

According to CBS, Knox does intend to return to Italy despite being incarnated for four years.

Although Amanda has been freed, the acquittal carries sad significance for Meredith Kercher‘s family, the 21-year-old murder victim. Meredith’s mother and sister told reporters that they in no way want to see an innocent person behind bars for Meredith’s death.

CBS reports:

“That’s the biggest disappointment, not knowing still,” said Meredith’s sister Stephanie Kercher at the news conference. “Knowing that there is obviously someone, or people, out there who have done this.”

Indeed Amanda’s release, although heartwarming, signifies that another family still must grapple with the unresolved murder of their daughter. Meredith’s sister has remarked in other news reports that “it’s difficult to keep her memory alive” given the media frenzy around Amanda’s innocence.

Despite adamantly wanting the original verdict upheld, the Kercher family has been very supportive of the Knox family and their advocacy of Amanda’s innocence. But as a smiley Amanda gets handed her ticket home, I think more so of the daughter who will never get that opportunity.


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