This Airport Lactation Station Is Awesome

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mamava-station-560__1376228909_142.196.156.251When I first heard the news about installing these new “lactation stations” at airports, my reaction was Oh God. So we have to hide out to feed our children now? Then I saw the rendering of what the station would look like. I am officially sold.

Airports can be awesome, fun places; when you are traveling alone. I love hitting up an airport bar and browsing through a magazine on a layover. But when you are traveling with small children? Airports suck. Add breastfeeding to the equation and it’s even more annoying. It’s super fun trying to wrangle a toddler and a carry-on while also pulling out a breast and trying to shove a nipple into your crying infants mouth. Hopefully there won’t be anyone around who is offended by your nipple – because that would take the whole annoying experience to the next level.

Mamava is a breastfeeding and pumping station. It’s due to be installed at Burlington International Airport in Vermont by the end of August (National Breastfeeding Month-Yay!) It has soft lighting, antimicrobial surfaces and a place to station your pump. It also has enough room to fit a stroller and carryon luggage. That. Is. Awesome.

Traveling while breastfeeding can be very stressful – especially due to the overwhelming amount of stories surfacing of women being publicly shamed while trying to do it. No one is going to publicly shame me out of breastfeeding my child – but I’d still rather not be forced to be the star of a YouTube video titled, “Irate Mom Squirts Breast Milk All Over Public Shamer.” That would probably embarrass my children, eventually.

I’m hoping this station is wildly successful and catches on. I would love for women to be assured a clean, private place to pump or feed while traveling.