7 Of The Most Vile Responses To Adele’s Baby News, Including Death Threats And Fat Shaming

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After the news broke that Adele and her partner Simon Konecki gave birth to a baby boy sometimes last week, the Twitterverse responded in typical Twitter fashion, with death threats and fat jokes. I think the majority of people who posted these tweets think they are funny or interesting, hoping to get a retweet so they can get more followers so when they post their usual updates about what they had for lunch or that the weather is indeed turning colder they can pretend that strangers on a social networking website actually care about whether they ordered a Big Mac or a Whopper.

From our friends at The Telegraph:

The 24-year-old and her partner Simon Konecki are said to be “ecstatic” at the birth of their son. The singer’s spokesperson over the weekend said they are “not releasing a statement at this time”.

However, within hours of Adele giving birth, a slew of hurtful messages were posted on the social networking site Twitter.

The most controversial, from a user tweeting under the name @PerfFemale, read: “Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already lol.”

In addition to death threats for Adele’s new baby, she has also received quite a few tweets that are less than congratulatory. I don’t even feel the tweets Adele has received constitute bulling, it’s just dumb, bad manners, and people with internet access and too much time on their hands. So, everyone ready to get as creeped out and annoyed as I am? Onward.[ITPGallery]

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