8 Awesome High Schoolers Give Us The Funniest Yearbook Quote Ever

Normally when we write a post on this website, we try to tell an interesting story about parenthood or start a conversation between moms. I think we try to do a little more than just report on stories that matter to moms. We attempt to share opinions, generate debates and challenge one another’s assumptions. I mean, that’s the goal, right?

But today is Friday.

And even more than that, sometimes a story’s awesomeness just needs to be shared without all the commentary. Really, nothing I can say will make this any more cool or funny. So I’m just going to do my best not to detract from these truly clever young ladies and their ultimate yearbook joke.

These eight gorgeous girls all attend the same high school in California. As you can see, they share the same last name. Normally, when you share a name with a bunch of peers, you try really hard to differentiate yourself. When I was in school, my friend Lindsey and I use to constantly clarify, “Lindsay with an ‘A'” or “Lindsey with an ‘E’.”

But these girls must know that they’re impressive individuals no matter what their name is, because they didn’t bother trying to be special snowflakes. Instead, they joined forces and all wore the same dress and hair style for their picture. Then, just to drive the point home, they each used their “Senior Quote” section to put together one message.

Look closely and you’ll see, “We know what you’re thinking and no we’re not related.”

Ladies, congratulations on the end of your senior year and best of luck in the future! With a sense of humor like that, I have a feeling that you’ll all be just fine in college!

Happy Friday!

(Photo: Yahoo)

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