20 Amazing Kid-Patented Sleeping Positions

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Children are a supple bunch to say the very least. Although some us spend a great deal of time sleep-training and sleep scheduling, some kids will just about fall asleep anywhere, and in an array of truly creative positions. If I fell asleep in even one-third of the ways kids often contort themselves, my back would definitely have something to say about it the next day.

1. The Bottle Balance

baby asleep with bottle

(photo: wheeler (igor rotari))

2. The Mid-Play Shelf Nap

baby asleep on shelf

(photo:  Rai Shani)

3. The Upside Down Siblings

Siblings sleeping in bed

(photo:  Kurt_Hammond)

4. The Mid-Play Keel Over

toddler asleep playroom

(photo: cams-not-in-lux)

5. The Pillow Roll Over

kid asleep on floor

(photo:  marktrash)

6. The Half Bed, Half Floor

kid asleep on floor with legos

(photo:  Bohman)

7. The This Whole Bed Is Actually Mine

toddler asleep in bed cat

(photo:  mariczka)

8. The Toddler On Lap Pass Out


(photo: slightlywinded)

9. The Half Stand

toddler asleep on couch

(photo: CluelessMomma)

10. The Classic Tuckered Out

toddler passed out on sofa

(photo:  wombatclay)

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