You’ve Gotta Love Jessica Simpson For Her Sense Of Humor – A Parenting Essential

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jimmy kimmelJessica Simpson is very make fun-able. Like, ridiculously make fun-able. But you know what? I am loving her right now based solely on her ability to laugh at herself while the world mocks her enormous belly. In fact, her attitude towards pregnancy – and pregnancy weight – is refreshing. Take last night’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, for instance. “I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on my hoo-ha!” an eight-months-pregnant Simpson told Kimmel. Okay, so she’s not the classiest, but this girl is funny! [tagbox tag=”Jessica Simpson”]

Asked if she was having twins – a question she gets a lot lately because of her size – Simpson explained that she has a lot of amniotic fluid. “So whenever my water breaks it’ll be like a fire hydrant!” she joked. Of course, in the same segment she did go on to talk about the fried Oreos (fried Oreos!) at her recent baby shower but, hey, at least she’s indulging while she can (because once that Weight Watchers program begins, her life is over – the satisfy-every-craving-slash-eat-whatever-you-want part, anyway).

At one point, Kimmel even tells her, “I’d be honored to delivery your child on television… There might be an adult in there!” And what does Simpson do? She cracks up. She doesn’t even appear to be secretly offended or annoyed. Because this is a woman who can laugh at herself. And as many mom will tell you, a sense of humor is a parenting essential. In fact, we’ve written on this very site about how humorless parents are the worst kind. It looks like Simpson is already armed with this mommy must-have, and for that I am giving her major props.

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