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Lady Who Unwraps Toy Eggs And Puts Your Kids In A Trance Was The Highest Earner On YouTube Last Year, Seriously‏

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Chances are, you woke up this morning, showered, dressed, made a daycare stop and headed to work. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you are now busily caring for your kids and possibly, not making any money yourself. What if I told you that all you had to do to live a life of luxury was be a pioneer in the field of “unboxing?” There are people that make videos of themselves unwrapping toys, cosmetics, electronics and more. For money. Unreal, right? The most successful of all is a mystery woman who simply unwraps toys and in doing so, mesmerizes your children. She pulled in a cool $5 million last year and is showing no signs of slowing down. Feeling like all of your life choices so far kind of suck? I feel ya.

According to Fusion magazine, this nameless, faceless woman (or group) made all of that money just by making these videos:

An unidentified individual or group responsible for uploading videos that simply show a woman opening Disney toys made an estimated $4.9 million last year, more than any other channel for 2014, according to OpenSlate, a video analytics platform that analyzes ad-supported content on YouTube.

Almost nothing is known about the person or people behind the channel, DC Toys Collector (DC), which exclusively features a young woman in intricately painted nails removing the toys from their packaging and then assembling them. The account did not respond to a YouTube message.

So, when I first saw the article, I was rolling my eyes. Is this really where we are now as parents? Do we really let our kids sit there in a trance watching a pair of hands unloading plastic eggs full of junky shit? I had to see what all the fuss was about as my kids are a little older and I seem to have missed this recent phenomenon. Be warned, she must use voodoo or something. I was instantly transfixed:

[youtube_iframe id=”mEJMm8RgRXY”]

Wild, right? At first, it seems so utterly ridiculous but within minutes, I was all YES, NICE LADY HANDS! SHOW ME THE NEXT TOY SURPRISE! I mean, what in the actual hell did we just watch? I have to confess- since I started this post, I have let the videos play one after another in a separate browser because her voice is so oddly soothing. I can see why toddlers clamor for her videos. I am plotting how to get a hold of some of these eggs and also, considering Jamberry nails so I can have cool designs too while I unwrap my magical, surprise eggs. Save me, please.

As a mother who has seen her kids through countless TV show addictions, I am actually not surprised this is so successful. It is quiet and soothing. The woman has a very sweet voice with a pleasant accent. The action is low-key but the pay-off is very satisfying. The kids must enjoy that beat of suspense before the prize is revealed. Sadly, I know I did.

This woman is clearly a genius for coming up with this idea and I’m pissed I did not think of it first. As a parent of little toddlers, I was practically jumping through hoops trying to get them to chill for 10 minutes so I could shower or scarf down a Lean Cuisine in peace. All along, my mother-in-law’s restaurant trick of slowly emptying random items from her purse and describing them seems not so lame after all. If only she had this idea a few years sooner- we would be millionaires and I would be surrounded by All The Toy Eggs because now, I am convinced I need them. Thanks, YouTube lady. Thanks a lot.

(Video: DC Toys/YouTube)

(Image: Screen shot from DC Toys/YouTube)