Your Teenage Daughter Is Influencing Your Fashion Choices

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Mothers dressing like their teenage daughters is a taboo rife with cultural antagonism towards mothers. Mommies looking to appear younger along side their adolescent daughters by emulating the latest styles and trends have been mocked in everything from Mean Girls to The Real Housewives. But a survey from Livescience has determined that even if you’re not rifling through your daughter’s closet in search of her halter top, her style is still influencing what you may buy for yourself.

Livescience reports that upon surveying 343 mothers at the average of 44 with a daughter the average age of 16, researchers discovered the following:

…when mothers see their daughters as stylish, they’re likely to mimic their child’s look, especially if the moms think of themselves as young at heart. Daughters, on the other hand, were not keen on imitating their mothers, even when the teens perceived themselves as older than their years and saw their moms as stylish.

The study reveals that although teen girls are not opposed to looking at slightly older women for fashion cues, they are more likely to turn to celebrities rather their mothers. While that tidbit isn’t entirely shocking, researchers noted that teenage daughters rejecting their own mothers as style icons is rooted in their need to “establish a separate, distinct” personal identity. Remind yourself of that when she chastises you for purchasing her same blouse, but in blue.