Youngest Ditcher Ever: 6-Year-Old Forges Note To Leave School Early

You have to feel for this mother a decade from now. Her 6-year-old son has already successfully ditched school.

In a frankly unbelievable story out of Massachusetts, a little boy named Gannon decided that he didn’t want to attend his after-school care anymore. Instead, he thought that he should be able to ride home on the bus and wait for his mom to get done with work.

So the clever little guy decided to forge a note with a highlighter that read, “Dery Mrs. Trottyry, Gannon is not going to the program.” When questioned about the suspected author of the note, the little boy said that his mother had told him to write it for her. Except, of course, there was no signature or phone call from said mother to back up the story.

This probably just would’ve been a cute example of a precocious boy causing mischief, except the school actually let Gannon leave. The teacher who received the note sent the boy to the office so that they could call his mother. When Gannon’s mom didn’t answer, the school secretary let the little boy get on the bus.

After a couple of hours of confusion, the mess was figured out and Gannon’s mom found her son at home waiting for her. But when she contacted school officials, she was frustrated to see that nothing was being done about the secretary who let her son leave school with an obviously-forged note, without speaking to a parent. They asked her to keep the issue confidential, then proceeded to take no action for five months. Finally, out of frustration, Gannon’s mom Amie is speaking out.

The story is comical because little Gannon ended up home and safe. But I have to admit that if it were my child getting off the bus with no one there to meet him, I would be pretty furious with my school system as well. Mistakes happen, but when they put kids in danger, then repercussions need to happen as well. Thankfully, this little schemer is okay and will go on to surely create plenty more trouble.

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