These Ole Miss Students Have the Fanciest Dorm Rooms You’ll Ever See

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Martin 203 in tha 38655!! #babyrebs #hydr

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Unless you currently live in a Pottery Barn, your life is not as fancy as these freshmen girls at Ole Miss. Freshmen Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson are new roommates and hopeful BFFs, and they have a dorm room so over-the-top luxurious that the Internet can’t handle it right now. They have matching bedskirts, comforters, tufted headboards, lamps, stools, and a fuzzy fur rug. It would be fancy for any bedroom, let alone a room in a Freshman residence hall.

This isn’t even weird at Ole Miss, apparently. One of the girls residing in the fancy princess room says that room-decorating at Ole Miss is “really competitive.”

“So I was like, we definitely have to make ours look good. A lot of them here are done up.”

According to Buzzfeed they started planning their room together at the beginning of the summer and sourced their furnishings from T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Pottery Barn, and local furniture and antique stores. They say the pillows, bedskirts, and tufted headboards are custom made. (The idea that those furishings are “custom made” actually surprised me a bit. The odd measurements of the beds means that the bedskirts and headboards would have to be custom, but that’s a piece-of-cake DIY for anybody with a sewing machine and access to YouTube. I thought they’d say one of their moms did all that in a weekend.)

The walls look painted, but they say they didn’t. That’s just the effect of the bedside lamps they put in.

The Internet reaction has been a mixed bag. Some kids are like, “Goals!” while others are rolling their eyes and joking about what happens to the headboards when they start to hate each other.

That is a lot of work for one year, but apparently dorm room decorating really is competitive at Ole Miss, because Goodson and Bozeman are not alone.



Wow. Those are some pretty fancy spaces. When I went to school, the fanciness of a dorm was inversely related to the coolness of the student residing in it. My own dorm was really fancy. I tried really hard to decorate it. I spent months planning. I bought every cool poster at the school poster sale, and then I literally spent the entire two weeks of Freshmen pre-orientation and orientation painstakingly cutting them into tiny pieces with cuticle scissors and pasting them all over my walls in a pop-culture collage that eventually wallpapered my entire half of the room, ceiling and all. I was convinced that when people saw it they would say, “Wow, she is cool!” and then we would be friends. Nobody ever saw it, though, because the only people who visit your dorm are your friends, and the way you meet friends is by going to orientation and pre-orientation events, not sitting home making a collage of Swingers quotes on your ceiling.

My roommate was cool, though. You know what the cool kids did? The cool kids bought the default bedding set from the campus store in the school’s colors, had it delivered so it was waiting on their bed when they got to campus, and then immediately got to work doing other stuff.

If these kids like their fluffy rugs and giant monograms, well, more power to them I guess. The first one to throw up on the fur rug is going to be in so much trouble, though.