Strollers Can Be Annoying, But Banning Them From A Medical Center Is Ridiculous

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no strollersI lived in a crowded city for years and I understand what a nuisance strollers can be. They block sidewalks, crowd cafes and can be really annoying in the hands of the wrong owner. But banning them from a medical building? That is just ridiculous.

The Columbia Square Medical and Laser Clinic refused to allow a mother of twins to bring her stroller in to the building last week. Jessica Warren, a mother of 12-week-old twins, was told to unpack her stroller and bring her kids and stuff into the building, mom-sherpa style. I can appreciate a mom’s ability to multi-task and carry a bunch of stuff, but managing 12-week-old twins at a doctor’s appointment without a stroller? How in the heck is she supposed to do that?

Sometimes mothers really do need to have their hands free. And a mother of two tiny babies at a medical appointment is the perfect scenario to describe when a stroller is needed. The center provides a range of services, from women’s health services to laser hair removal to botox to family planning. It’s kind of a one-stop shop. I guess it doesn’t have to care too much about being family friendly, since their clientele is all over the place.

It’s a private health practice, so if they want the no-stroller thing to be their policy, that is their right. But I think it’s one of those things you should display prominently on your website or mention on the appointment call. Can you imagine having to wait for your appointment, getting your small children loaded into the car, and showing up at a medical office only to be told you’d have to manage your two children and all your stuff without your stroller – oh, and your stroller would have to be left out in the rain? That’s what happened to Warren.

Rules are rules, I guess — but it seems like there could be some sort of case-by-case basis when it comes to determining whether strollers are allowed. I can’t imagine that someone would have the nerve to ask a mother with twin infants to manage them through a doctor’s appointment with no stroller. Not everyone has access to childcare — some people actually have to have their children with them at all times. In fact, I think moms of twins should just get a pass here. It may be very difficult for a mom with one child to manage that child out of a stroller during an appointment – but for a mom with twins “difficult” becomes “impossible.”