15 Yahoo Answers Questions That Prove We Need Better Sex Ed

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8. Is masturbating healthy?

yahoo answers question 8

This question is by far the most heartbreaking on this list. I want to reach through the computer and hug this woman for all she’s been through. I blame not only the lack of sex education for her worries, but also the puritanical bullshit surrounding self-pleasure. And may I add that I think even the existing sex ed programs fall short when it comes to talking about the deeper issues surrounding sex. They shouldn’t just be teaching the mechanics, they should be giving kids the tools they need to make informed sexuality decisions, and that should cover mental health as well.

9. I think my man’s junk did something to my bladder?

yahoo answers question 9

There are a number of explanations for this woman’s issue. She could have a UTI, kidney stones, an STD or something else. And all of this should have been explained in sex ed, so she would know to head to a doctor when this type of thing happens.

10. Male cousin coming to baby sit and I’m on my period.

yahoo answers question 10

Something doesn’t sound right here. This “male cousin” obviously makes her feel uncomfortable, and the line about bringing two friends sounds ominous to me. A quality sex ed course could cover what to do when an older person makes you feel off, as well as period stuff.

11. What to do if my period starts in the car?

yahoo answers question 11

I’m not sure what this questioner thinks will happen if Aunt Flow does decide to visit in transit. Wall of blood, The Shining-style? This might seem kind of humorous at first, but this child’s lack of knowledge is very real, and that will only become more of a problem as she grows. If she’s this clueless about her period (though no fault of her own) then how is she going to navigate sex and dating?

12. My cherry popped?

yahoo answers question 12First of all, I haven’t heard the term “cherry popped” in years and I didn’t know people still used it. Whatever is going on, it isn’t normal and I hope she gets it checked out. She would know it wasn’t typical if she had access to the right resources.

13. Feeling worried.

yahoo answers question 13

I would wager to say that many teenage girls feel this way. Even good sexual education courses rarely cover things like pleasure or consent. Sex is either looked at as dirty or as a medical situation. But very real feelings are involved, and I think kids should know that sex can be wonderful and pleasurable when you’re ready for it and doing it safely. I suspect this is why so many women have trouble climaxing.

14. Pads or tampons?

yahoo answers question 14

For something so common, there are SO many questions about tampons. I could write a piece just on this alone. There are so many misconceptions about tampons. Can they get stuck? Can you use two at a time? Can you use them if you’re a virgin? Will they take your virginity? Why aren’t girls being taught about this most basic of menstruation tools?

15. Does it mean I’m horny?

yahoo answers question 15Desire is the most basic of basics when it comes to sex. Like hunger, thirst, exhaustion, etc. it is a human instinct. Which makes it all the more baffling that sex ed courses rarely touch on it. If more courses did, I think it would be a decent blow to rape culture. Kids, and especially girls, often don’t realize that they should want to have sex before they have sex. It’s not some expectation they have to meet, it’s a basic human activity that should be fun and pleasurable if they chose to do it. And they should know that they can choose not to as well.

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