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IHTM: We’re Supporting XoJane In Their Time Of Need By Supplying Story Ideas

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xojaneBecause of that whole weird Cat Marnell accusing Jane Pratt of child abuse Twitterpallooza meltdown thing, I think we can all assume that Marnell won’t be invited back to XoJane anytime soon. Because writing is hard and coming up with ideas is hard, in the spirit of journalistic sisterhood we have compiled a list of 10 It Happened To Me Ideas for XoJane to use at their leisure. FREE OF CHARGE!

1: IHTM: My Baby Sleeps In A Drawer Because That’s Where He Was Conceived

2: IHTM: My Sister Witnessed A Non-Violent Crime And Now I Feel LIke I Can’t Talk To Her About My Period

3:IHTM:  I Got Fruit-Salad Shamed In My Work Cafeteria And Now I Have PTSD

4: IHTM: I Was The Product OF A Home Birth And Now I Can’t Be In Homes

5: IHTM:  I Have Menstrual Cramps–No Really, My Menstrual Cramps Are So Much Worse Than Yours’. NO, You Super Don’t Get It

6: IHTM: Cheeto Fingers

7: IHTM: I Ran Out Of Paper Towels But Found A Rag To Use Under My Sink

8: IHTM:  I Replaced My Birth Control With Ecstasy Just To See What Would Happen

9: IHTM: I’m A Little Teapot

10: IHTM: I Dress As An Ancient Greek Woman Every Day And I Don’t Appreciate The Questions

So we will be waiting to see if they take any of our awesome ideas but feel free to share your own It Happened To Me ideas below!

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