Newborn Twin Boys Get The Best Wu-Tang Names Ever

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With all of the names these parents had to choose from, including  Old Dirty Bastard (RIP: Dirt McGirt)  and U-God, all of you expectant parents can pretty much stop right there because Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan has revealed that twin babies have been born with the best Wu names ever, Ghostface and Raekwon.

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I’m not even sure the babies had to be named after Wu members to be part of the Wu-Tang clan, considering the band is based upon nine generals plus one, so basically they probably would have ended up being members of Wu-tang or its affiliates anyway. For those of you concerned about whether or not you are a member of the WU, you can check here for the name generator. My name is Amateur Hunter, Bethany is Dynamic Artist, Meghan is Mad Contender (Boo, she has the best name!), Theresa is Irate Dominator and Maria Guido is Pitbull McSmith And Wesson. OK, I made up Maria’s Wu name but feel free to tell us yours in the comments.

I keep trying to figure out what the Libermans, who gave birth to the boys, will call Little Ghostface, but I suppose they could shorten it to Ghost or Boo, considering they did not give him the proper middle name of Killah. And because it’s a happy day, we can all celebrate by enjoying some vintage ODB. And yeah, you won’t find any other parenting website posting ODB videos.

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(Image: raekwon instagram)