16 Of The Worst TV Moms Of All-Time

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Peg Bundy from Married with Children

bad tv moms

Image: FOX

Peg doesn’t murder anyone or force her kids to commit crimes on her behalf. But she’s quite possibly the laziest TV mom of all time. Does it make her one of the worst TV moms? We’re going with yes. At least some of the other moms showed some interest in their kids (albeit criminal and/or psychopathic). Peg, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t even notice if her kids were gone for days at a time! Unless of course she needed something from the kitchen and Al was at work.

The worst TV moms are here to make us feel better about ourselves. They also scare us, infuriate us, and yes, make us laugh out loud. Bad moms aren’t nearly as funny in real life, we know. But we all need to escape reality once in a while, and these ladies make it happen. Did we include your favorite worst mom? Tell us in the comments!

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