16 Of The Worst TV Moms Of All-Time

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Lois Griffin on Family Guy

 bad tv moms

Image: FOX

We don’t blame Lois for her short fuse and general disdain for her family; she’s married to an oaf and her baby is the Antichrist. But we also know she would sell Meg to gypsies in a heartbeat if given the chance. She tries really hard to be supportive of Peter and proud of her kids. But most of the time, Chris ends up a failure, Stewie causes more problems than she can handle, and Meg is, well, Meg. It’s got to be hard to look back at her gilded childhood and then look at where she ended up. She rarely misses a chance to tell her kids that she never wanted to be a mom, which is a really shitty thing FOR A MOM TO TELL HER KIDS.

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