16 Of The Worst TV Moms Of All-Time

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Liane Cartman and Sheila Broflovski on South Park

bad tv moms

Image: Comedy Central

So you probably have to look pretty deep to find any parental role models on South Park (seriously, do Kenny’s parents EVER mourn his deaths?!), but Liane and Sheila are a pair to be reckoned with. Liane’s, uh, extracurricular activities are a big part of why Cartman is such an insufferable little shit. Well, that and the fact that Cartman learns his racist, antisemitic, and generally pretty offensive beliefs. Sheila is the town morality police, and tries to shut down anything and everything she finds offensive (leading Cartman to come up with an actual song called “Kyle’s Mom’s a Bitch”). Opposite ends of the worst TV moms spectrum, these two.

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