16 Of The Worst TV Moms Of All-Time

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Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development

arrested development

Image: Instagram / @arresteddevelopmentlife

OK, yes. Lucille Bluth is a terrible mother. But she’s also my favorite character ever. Whether she’s guilt-tripping her kids into loving her or losing her adopted Korean son in the walls, Lucille does it all with style and wit. Lucille is very much an alcoholic, and as a mom, she’s had some pretty big misses. She hates G.O.B. (justified), tolerates Michael, and while she clearly loves Lindsay, she’s extremely critical of her and everything she does. But its her relationship with Buster that really takes the cake. He’s basically a pet or companion to her. Then, she adopts a Korean child, but gets tired of him very quickly, and ships him off to boarding school.

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